We all have a deep appreciation for Rabbi Regina’s contributions....Her many talents have benefited us all, whether as educator, spiritual guide, officiant, administrator, or otherwise.


Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips

Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips, MSW, MPH

WAYS OF PEACE Founder and Executive Director


Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips feels equally at home keeping a quiet hospital bedside vigil, dancing and playing with babies and toddlers, facilitating a lively adult learning debate, or speaking and singing from the pulpit or podium. She has served as a chaplain, educator, and cantorial soloist in a range of community settings.


Rabbi Regina has pioneered innovative Jewish approaches to such challenges as forgiveness, ethical speech, and just-giving, and is a leader in the movement to reclaim the vital traditions of the hevra kadisha (sacred burial fellowship). She holds masters degrees in social work and public health, with additional training in clinical pastoral education (CPE), conflict resolution, and spiritual direction. She lived and worked for social change in Israel during the turbulent years of 1989-1994, was honored for her leadership in the post-9/11 NYC disaster relief, and participated in the 2005 interfaith Bearing Witness Retreat at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Rabbi Regina is the editor of GENEROUS JUSTICE: Jewish Wisdom for Just-Giving and the author of COUNTING DAYS: From Liberation to Revelation for Jews in Recovery, both published by WAYS OF PEACE. Her work has also been featured in The New York TimesThe ForwardThe Jewish Week, Tablet Magazine, and in the books Parting Ways and Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love.

Our prayers and meditations were truly enriched by your wonderful singing and chanting....Every comment has been full of praise, not only for your professional and knowledgeable leadership, but also for the warm way in which you interacted with our membership, especially the children.