Please contact us about hosting a Generous Justice book launch party in your community. Depending upon arrangements, we may be able to donate a portion of the proceeds for each book sold to your hosting synagogue or other organization.

Generous Justice CoverWAYS OF PEACE is happy to announce the publication of GENEROUS JUSTICE: Jewish Wisdom for Just-Giving. This innovative source book provides a wealth of inspiration and practical support for “just-giving”: just give, AND give justly.

Now more than ever, whatever our social values may be, our financial support is needed to realize them. We may go to the polls once or twice a year, but we vote with our money choices every day — and those votes add up to determine the state of our communities, our nation and our world.

GENEROUS JUSTICE is a resource for social action, lifelong learning, giving circles and philanthropy, spiritual growth and contemplative practice, service learning, and personal money management. With readings from classical and contemporary pathfinders and guided study questions, readers join a dialogue across millennia of prophets, sages, activists and artists.

Bringing together concern for the most vulnerable with concern for the planet, GENEROUS JUSTICE is a one-stop guide for more effective giving throughout the year: simple, regular, and fair.

Generous Justice in the Media

Nedivut Tzedek / GENEROUS JUSTICE is a unique Jewish learning initiative. Through study, story-telling, action/reflection and cultural development, participants reclaim the time-honored Jewish practices of just-giving.

GENEROUS JUSTICE seeks out the multi-generational dialogue that is essential for learning the lessons of history. We honor tzedakah collectives, giving circles and other pooled funding efforts as we seek an even broader constituency. Our programs provide accessibility and support beyond particular age groups or affluence levels for each participant to expand her or his personal giving capacities.  


GENEROUS JUSTICE: From Spare Change to Social Change

August 3-9, 2015 at the National Havurah Committee (NHC) Summer Institute


Jewish tithing, which grew out of the rhythms of the shmita (sabbatical release) cycle, brings justice into our own hands — no matter what we earn. Our first leadership training, supported by the NHC Innovation Fund, prepared a multi-generational cohort of change-makers to develop circles for just-giving in their home communities — coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada.

We explored how we vote with our wallets for the state of our world, how to increase our emotional literacy around financial issues, and how to harness the power of our money for social, environmental and personal transformation. 

Join us for future programs, as we continue to turn the tithe!